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ShellBooks Accounting



From Cashbook Detail and Summary reports to Trial Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet, you should find all the reports you need.

All reports are available in your browser or down-loadable as a PDF for emailing or as a spreadsheet for you to tailor as you like.

Postings made easy

Transactions can be imported directly from the Bank statements downloaded from your banking institution's Internet banking website, or wherever you get them from. Many different formats of input file are acceptable (CSV, XLS, text, etc.)

Cash-in-Hand / Petty Cash transactions can be imported from a spreadsheet. A handy template is down-loadable from our site for you or your client to use.

Once the transactions have been imported, or manually entered, they are allocated to ledger accounts. You can do that online on the site, or if need be, you can export the transactions to a spreadsheet, send that to a client/manager/whomever for allocation to GL accounts and re-import them.

Postings and adjustments can be made in any period. Whilst that would not be good practice for companies that produce financial statements, for small companies and individuals, this saves a heap of journal entries and gives you the power over the entire set of books.

Chart Of Accounts

You can completely customize the Chart of Accounts, for each set of books you create.

Data Ownership

You own your data exclusively. You may download your entire set of books at any time you like, in spreadsheet format, either for backup purposes, or to take it offline.


You may choose between English and Afrikaans as a display language. The sytem can also generate Invoices and Statements in the language of the Debtor/Creditor's preference - templates are created in each language. More languages may be added at a later stage.


Backups are taken of our databases every 12 hours. Each user's data is kept separate and can't be accessed by unauthorized users.

Access to our site is through secure HTTPS, certified by RapidSSL, which means no-one can eavesdrop on your session.

Subscription Based Service

Our services are offered on a monthly subscription basis, with rates dependent on the number of client books you want to hold. There is no notice period or minimum length of service; you may enroll and withdraw at any time, without notice.


If you want a preview of what we offer, login using the Demo feature (see menu above). You can even enter or upload data there, but be aware that all data in the demo books is reset on a daily basis. Also note that you should not enter data that identifies any individuals or companies since the demo site is publicly available.

What we don't have

"Bookkeeping made simple" is our motto. ShellBooks is designed as a basic bookkeeping program suitable for small businesses or individuals. With that in mind, we do not have Stock Control, Asset management et cetera, just Cashbook, Debtors and Creditors and General Ledger. We may offer those at some time in the future as add-on modules.